Windsurfing is a unique sport—imagine skimming across the top of the water without the sound or smell of an engine, seeing dolphins and manatees around you, and balancing against the power of the wind! Windsurfing is like flying and gives a great sense of freedom on the water. Choctawhatchee Bay has a great expanse of water, go explore it!

In our beginning lesson you learn the basics. It’s similar to learning to snow ski, first you learn on the bunny hill, then progress to the green slope, and stay off the double blacks. You start off on a light wind day with calm water and a smaller sail. As your abilities and desires increase, the sail size (and the power) increases as well. 

This lesson is $99/person, a minimum of 2 people is required for the group rate. This is a 2hr lesson with up to additional hour of practice time immediately following.

Private lesson are also available for $75/hour minimum of 2 hours.  All gear is provided with the lessons.

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